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Spousal Support

San Jose Spousal Support Attorney

In California, spousal support or alimony is usually based on the length of the marriage and the incomes of the parties. The courts will also consider such factors as:

  • The education, training, experience, and health of the party receiving alimony.
  • The difference in income between the two parties.
  • Whether one party stayed home to care for children.
  • Whether one party helped support the other's education.
  • The income and standard of living during the marriage.

At The Law Office of Patricia M. McKinnie, our San Jose spousal support lawyers will explain California's spousal support guidelines and show you how payments are calculated. Most judges and lawyers in California use the DissoMaster program to calculate the amount of spousal support payments you may be required to pay, but other factors and options must also be reviewed.

Did you know?

  • Spousal support payments can be modified based on changes of circumstances of the parties.
  • If you are unmarried, you may be entitled to palimony in civil court.
  • Spousal Support can be ordered in the dissolution of a domestic partnership.
  • If you are not receiving the spousal support payments you are owed, our lawyers can force your ex-spouse to pay through an enforcement action.
  • Spousal support payments usually continue until the person receiving support becomes self sufficient, remarries, or at the time it ends according to the agreement.


Myth: Spousal support will continue for half the length of the marriage.

Fact: This is only a rule of thumb. California courts consider a number of factors when determining who has to pay spousal support, how much, and for how long.


Free Consultation: San Jose prenuptial agreement lawyer Patricia M. McKinnie offers a free 30-minute initial consultation to discuss your family law matter. Call (408) 297-2922 or complete our family law case evaluation form.

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