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Enforcing Family Court Orders & Judgments

San Jose Family Order Enforcement Lawyer

Experienced Judgment Enforcement Attorney Serving Clients in Campbell, San Jose, and Throughout Santa Clara County

At The Law Office of Patricia M. McKinnie, we assist mothers, fathers, ex-spouses, domestic partners, and other parties in seeking enforcement of family court orders and judgments. With more than 25 years of legal experience, San Jose family order enforcement attorney Patricia M. McKinnie can help clients in family law cases involving:

  • Child support enforcement
  • Child custody enforcement/visitation enforcement
  • Property distribution enforcement
  • Spousal support/alimony enforcement
  • Divorce decree enforcement
  • Other family court order enforcement/judgment enforcement

When you have legal concerns involving an existing court order or judgment, it is important to consult with an experienced family law attorney. We are dedicated to advising clients of their rights and obligations under California law, guiding them through the legal process, and helping them protect their interests and the interests of their family.

Did you know?

  • If you have a court order or judgment, but are having trouble collecting on it, the court can assist in judgment enforcement.
  • You can be found in contempt of court for denying the other parent his/her visitation rights.
  • If you can no longer afford to pay child support or spousal support, you must seek a modification of the court order. Otherwise, back payments will continue to accrue and you could be found in contempt.


Myth: The custodial parent is denying my visitation rights so I don't have to pay child support. The noncustodial parent is failing to pay child support so I can deny visitation.

Fact: Only a court order can change child support, child custody, visitation, or other family court orders. Absent a court-ordered modification, the parties must have a valid written agreement filed with the court. If the other parent is failing to comply with the court order, you can seek court assistance for enforcement of the family court order.


Free Consultation: San Jose attorney Patricia M. McKinnie offers a free 30-minute initial consultation to discuss your family law court order enforcement or judgment enforcement matter. Call (408) 297-2922 or complete our family law case evaluation form.

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