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Child Support

San Jose Child Support Attorney

Many people who are going through a divorce feel resentment about paying child support. However, it's important to remember that you aren't divorcing your children. At The Law Office of Patricia M. McKinnie in San Jose, our child support lawyers will explain California's child support guidelines and show you how payments are calculated. We can also analyze your situation and help you determine if deviations from the standard guidelines should be warranted based on certain factors.

Most family law judges and lawyers in California use the DissoMaster or Supportax programs to calculate the amount of child support payments you are required to pay (or you are entitled to receive to support your child). This amount is based on your income, the other parent's income, the amount of time your child lives with you according to your child custody arrangement, and other factors relating to your particular child support case.

San Jose and Mountain View Support Modifications Lawyer

Child support payments can be modified based on changes of circumstances of the parties. In order to obtain an increase or decrease in child support payments, the parent seeking the change must apply to the court requesting the change and demonstrate a financial change in circumstances that is significant enough to warrant a child support modification. This could involve either parent's change in employment status and income, a change in the financial needs of the child, or various other financial factors. Learn more about post-divorce modifications.


Myth: The more visitation time I have, the less child support I will have to pay.

Fact: While this may be true, our lawyers discourage clients from seeking greater child custody just to reduce their child support payments. All child custody decisions should be based on the best interests of the children. Choosing a custody arrangement simply to reduce child support payments hurts the child. You may have valid reasons to reducing support, which should be considered in granting, denying, or modifying support.

Did you know?

  • If you are unmarried, child support payments can be determined through a paternity action.
  • Child support can be ordered in the dissolution of a domestic partnership, if there are children.
  • If you are not receiving the child support payments you are owed, our lawyers can obtain payments and money owed through a support enforcement action.
  • Child support payments usually continue until the child turns 18 (or 19 if the child is still in high school).

Free Consultation: San Jose child support attorney Patricia M. McKinnie offers a free 30-minute initial consultation to discuss your child support matter. Call (408) 297-2922 or complete our family law case evaluation form.

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