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San Jose Family Law Attorney

One of the fears that many people have about divorce is that they will have to go to court. The truth is, very few divorces end up with a trial. Our San Jose family law lawyers resolve the majority of cases through negotiation, mediation, and marital settlement agreements. If the parties disagree about one or two issues, we may litigate those issues in family court. However, in these court appearances, your lawyer will be by your side and do most of the talking for you. You can have confidence and peace of mind knowing that our focus is on your interests and the interests of your children throughout the process.

There are many myths and false information about divorce that people have from family members, co-workers, and friends. At The Law Office of Patricia M. McKinnie in San Jose, California, our lawyers will dispel the myths and help you understand your rights and responsibilities under California law. We provide divorce and family law representation in Santa Clara County — representing clients who reside in Santa Clara County, and clients whose spouse or partner resides in Santa Clara County.

Experienced Guidance From a Divorce Lawyers Serving Clients Throughout Santa Clara County

Many people who are going through a divorce are hurt or angry, and they are anxious about making the decision to file for divorce. They are worried about whether they can afford to file for divorce in a tough economy. They are concerned about how the divorce will affect their children. They have other concerns that cause them to question if they should stay together or file for divorce.

As experienced Santa Clara County divorce attorneys, we spend a lot of time counseling our clients and explaining California divorce law and how it applies to them. By explaining the law, we can help people understand the process they are going through.

We apply this thorough, informative, and personalized approach to every case we handle, whether representing a client in a divorce case or serving the needs of clients in other family law matters. Our lawyers help people resolve all issues related to divorce:

We also represent clients in cohabitation/palimony relationships (Marvin actions), domestic partnership cases, and paternity actions.

Free Consultation: San Jose family law attorney Patricia M. McKinnie offers a free 30-minute initial consultation to discuss your family law matter. Please tell us about your case.

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